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J. A. Buscaglia

Joseph Anthony Buscaglia

Historian & Author of, Finding Jonas Williams, Williamsville and the War of 1812, and Ancient Fort’s, Mound’s and Burial Grounds of WNY.

J. A. Buscaglia's roots run deep in Western New York, he found himself drawn to the whispers of history echoing through its corners. It was this childhood fascination that ignited his lifelong passion for uncovering the tales of Western New York's pioneers and the tumultuous era of the War of 1812. His expertise, primarily lies in historical research, with a focus on the early settlers of Western New York, the Holland Land Company, and the events surrounding the War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier.

In his debut work, "Searching for Jonas Williams," Buscaglia delves into a mystery that has long plagued historians-the final resting place of Williamsville's founder. When human remains were unearthed in 1969 during construction in the Village of Williamsville, speculation ran rampant that they belonged to Jonas Williams himself. Yet, Buscaglia's meticulous research challenges this assumption, offering compelling evidence that Williams' true grave remains undiscovered. With divergent opinions clouding the truth, Buscaglia courageously shares his own insights, acknowledging the sensitive nature of the subject and urging respect for private property.

His subsequent book, "Williamsville and the War of 1812," unravels another chapter of local history. Amidst the chaos of war, Williamsville played a pivotal role, hosting thousands of soldiers and witnessing both triumph and tragedy. From makeshift barracks to the somber grounds of a military hospital, the landscape bore witness to untold suffering and sacrifice. Buscaglia's narrative weaves together accounts of heroism and hardship, shedding light on forgotten landmarks and honoring the memories of those who served.

In his latest endeavor, "Ancient Forts, Mounds, and Burial Grounds of WNY," Buscaglia ventures further back in time. Inspired by the writings of T. Apoleon Cheney and others, he embarks on a journey to unearth the remnants of a forgotten civilization. Drawn to the enigmatic earthworks and burial sites scattered throughout Western New York, Buscaglia seeks to preserve their legacy and unravel the mysteries they hold. With reverence for the sacredness of these sites, he emphasizes the importance of obtaining proper permission before exploring them, mindful of their significance to both the past and present.

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